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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nigel Farage vs. Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy Vs Nigel Farage : Sarkozy's argument is FLAWED. When you limit reforms to the European Parliament, you do so knowing the majority will ALWAYS be in favor of the pro-europe, pro-federalization parties! The whole point of a Referendum is to give the people of a member-state the option to choose their future for themselves! To deny people this right is undemocratic. Democracy is the foundation of our western way of life. To go against this will inevitably lead to disaster! LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!!! and now Sarkosy is in Canada while his apartments and offices are raided by the French Police on Financial dodgy dealing investigations lol Nigel 1 - 0 Nicolas

Nigel Farage is right again !!

Nigel Farage points out that we live in a post democratic society run by Brussels, we vert to know the outcome but have no say in anything. hope this opens peopls eyes to reality. it doesn't matter if the EU is nazi, illuminati or some other secret society on a quest for power, they were beaten once and we'll beat them again. Thatcher put the people of Britain on their knees, Blair and Brown got the sword from the table and held it to the backs of the people of Britain and Cameron and Osbourne pushed it through us. I hope these people who sold out Britain and Europe can rest easy for now knowing that soon the people will wake up and come looking for them.


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