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Monday, January 28, 2013

Nigel Farage about Bulgaria and Romania

UK Independence party leader Nigel Farage appears on BBC Question time BBC Question Time Jan 2013


  1. Sign this petition to restrict Bulgarian and Romanians from entering the UK:

  2. Mr. Farage, use go0gle, it helps a lot :)
    First: The average salary in Bulgaria is 373 euro, (and our prices are half of yours) Also, don't forget that our income tax is 10%, not 50% :)
    Second: The people living below poverty line are 27% not 50%. Another thing: Keep in mind that most of these 27% are the old people that have paid their social security in a planned economy, 30 years ago. :)
    And one more thing Bulgaria is 7 milions, and you are talking about 5 milions of immigrants. We won't come all in England :) ... don't get offended... it rains a lot :)

  3. Dear Mr Farage,
    You are real MOOOROOON. Who do you think will vote for you??? Your voters are only WHITE TRASH - uneducated and unskilled lazy brits who are unemployed because they do not want to work. And UK pays them to stay all day in the bars. Those people are totally uncapable to compete in anything with the hardworking educated and skilled Bulgarians and Romanians. And next time you using numbers, please at least check before you speak in public. FYI - Bulgarians are only 7 max 7.5 Million

  4. Oh, come on Mr. Farage,
    Do you really believe that exactly 5 million of Bulgarian migrants will come to work in the UK!? That's ridiculous! You are really good at exaggerating facts!
    What is more, migrants come to the UK(in order to work and live) from all other nations such as India, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Portugal and so on. Don't they bring you the same fears as Bulgarian and Romanian migrants!? (You should in fact be pleased as you profit from them by exploiting them, as they are miserably paid)
    But of course, you've studied at Dulwich College...nobody really expects you to shine as a bright mind, therefore nobody will vote for you! ;) Better luck next time!

  5. Please read this open letter to you Mr.Farage, if you by any chance missed it, it is from a British citisen livin in Bulgaria



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