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Monday, January 27, 2014

Nigel Farage: Live On LBC 97.3

Great session, lots to talk about.  It was an imitation firearm the Tory Councillor was waving about, but nonetheless it would have been headlines if it was a UKIP Councillor
Before listening to the interview and reading what the online news sites commented on this I was worried Nigel was beginning to unravel. But he has held his own. We need to hear more economic policies from UKIP - the tories are doing very well and we need to be confident they can deliver serious economic stability and prosperity. May be they need more experience, but hopefully by the time elections come round they will be able to install confidence. Guns are a ''no no'' - just leave the gun law as it is, it works and we're safer because of it. headlines if it was a UKIP Councillor


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