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Monday, August 20, 2012

NIGEL FARAGE The British Ron Paul

Nigel Farage and Ron Paul should team up Every nation should own it's own central bank. Who are these men, and their families, who have owned the banking systems of these nations for so many centuries? It is these international financiers who are bleeding the people, and the nations. If you are British and watching this and agree with Nigel. Vote UKIP at the next general election or never complain about the state of the UK and the insanity of the EU ever again. Use your vote!Don't throw it away on the lib/lab/con and their lies. Don't stay at home and sulk.Get out and Vote UKIP!

Nigel Farage Exposes Giant Euro Banking Scam

Nigel Farage Exposes Giant Euro Banking Scam The fact that Farage and the rest of ukip aren't professional politicians is their asset. It should be part of a any politicians credentials that they had a respectful and decent job (before becoming involved in politics) in which their excelled as Nigel did.ukip breathe fresh air into politics , well they are the only real politicians left . the rest they represent the people & democracy . the rest represent fascism & dictatorships the Illuminati . power belongs to the people & i believe ukip stand for good solid democracy and are not racist . i think other parties are frightened of ukip & like to use political propaganda to discourage the electorate . ukip are the only alternative , unless you want to be a slave.

only 15% of laws made by the commission and 85% by requests from other euro parties. "In fact only 10% of the proposals are from the commission only. Others proposals from the commission are requested by the member states, the parliament or other organism (e.g. NGO)." Yes that's the point they were not made in britain by the British parliament. The latest is a directive to tap emails that's come from the eu and we are discussing it - but it's a done deal. Vote ukip


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