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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nigel Farage on Merkel Visiting Greece Amid Protests

Nigel Farage interview on CNBC. German Chancellor Angela Merkel makes her first visit to greece since the debt crisis erupted in 2009. The Money Masters can't let the EURO theocracy fail, because they have everything riding on it in order to make the whole of Europe hold together under one pseudo flag. This is conquer and divide. If they can unite the Americas and all of Europe the individual nations will forfeit their sovereignty in the guise of peace. But in the end they'll be lulled to sleep by the money changers and we'll all be hung out to rot and be bleed dry monetarily.

Nigel Farage on Capital Account

What the EU is doing to England is exactly what Obama and globalists are going to do to the US visa ve the UN, and a one world system. Farage is the only in Europe that Actually has something to say about How thing are in the EU, of course he is always Out of every single mainstream Television


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