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Monday, October 22, 2012

Nigel Farage, BBC Radio 2 on Gary McKinnon case - October 2012

UK Independence party leader speak on the Gary Mckinnon case and the US extradition law. October 2012

The guy speaking with the annoying voice is a Labour specky MP and he loves the E.U as well as America The american justice system is just as Nigel states. I suggest that anyone interested in their system, have a look at the West Memphis 3 case to understand what it's all about.NO ONE should be extradited to the USA for the simple reason that their legal system is a total and utter joke. They have privately run prisons, whereby business men make money out of people being in these jails. There is the DEATH penalty and I´m sure the UK cannot extradite people to countries who have the death penalty anyway. Not only that, to cause all this hassle because some geek sat on his PC and looked for UFO´s is totally ridiculous.


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