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Friday, April 22, 2016

Nigel Farage Talks More Sense

A vote to ‘remain’ is not a vote for the status quo. There is no status quo. Over the past decade Britain paid over £150 billion to the EU b udget. We send about £350 million to Brussels every week. This is about half t he English schools budget, four times the Scottish schools budget, four times the science budget, and about 60 times what we spend on the NHS cancer drugs fund. If we vote to ‘remain’, it is a vote for the permanent payment to Brussels of all this money. It will get worse. UK taxpayers will be paying for the huge bills caused by the euro’s crisis. All this money could be better spent on the NHS, schools, and fundamental science research.

Nigel Farage Talks More Sense Than any one else on Europe, This guy should be put up as a national hero...


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